Index of EHON (Picture Book) picture

Japanese Story
Kaguya Hime(Princess Kaguya)
The Magical Ashes
The Seasonal Workers and the Big Snake
The Angelfs Robe
Potty Jizo
The Rice-ball Rolled Down
The Carpenter and the Demon
The Battle of Monkey and the Crab
Taro the Dragon Baby
The Cut Tongue Sparrow
The Adventure of Takeshi and Ai
The Grateful Crane
The Six Jizos
The Miracle Straw Millionaire
Click-click Mountain
The Hare and the Tortoise
Kobutori Jiisan
The Dragon God of Suttsu
The Girl Who Turned to Be A Bone
The Peach boy
Urashima taro
The Cloak of the Goblin Tengu

Taiwan Story
A Big Flood
The Grand Mother and the Youthful Rascals
Moa-kaikai and the Snake God

Mexican Story
Why no bats have feathers

Swedish Story
The Girl Who Spun Straw into Gold

Papua New Guinean Story

Indonesian Story
The Tale of Tankban Peraf

Korean Story
The Red and The Blue Fans

Bolivian Story
Pedrito and the strange Horse

Original Story
Like a cloud